August 24, 2016

gentle light

(Revueflex AC2 - 55mm)

August 14, 2016

weekly favorites #4

Carousel of Life // I talked a lot to Tiina, the woman I will stay at when I arrive in Helsinki and I realized that the finish people and I will probably get along with each other very well 'cause most of them are introverts. It seems like I will have an amazing time with Tiina and we've already planned some things like visiting a raw vegan restaurant, exploring the woods and watching Disney movies!

Heart - Moments // It seems like Autumn is knocking on our doors. It's getting colder, it's raining, it seems like fall is coming. And I am super excited!//

Moment of Tears // I developed one of my films of my analog camera and I've got only two photos which have been crap as well. But hey, nobody's perfect, I will keep practicing. / I felt quite sick this week, maybe because all my thoughts are worrying me too much, maybe because the weather was weird. / I printed my last tattoos for a very long time. I don't like to close my shop, but I am not sure if I am able to sell anything in Finland, so I guess we will see how it works out. / I have been at the dentist and I have the honor to wear some kind of dental brace at night now, so my teeth can rest and do not touch each other.

Looking forward to // To meet all my dearest friends one more time before I go to Finland! Some sleepovers are planned and maybe I can see Johanna again!

Series/Movies // Stranger Things

Pieces // New pants from Zara / Ukibag <3 / Old analog camera of my grandma

You can find the video about my Weekly Favorites #4 here!

August 12, 2016

August 07, 2016

weekly favorites #3

Carousel of Life // I have finally booked my flight to Helsinki fo the 29th of August and I also found a lovely lady where I can stay for a few days after my arrival!

Heart-Moments // I've finally recorded a new song of mine and you liked it what made me so very happy! / I've spent my time in the woods yesterday and I felt so cozy and delight!

Moment of Tears // I had quite an upsetting dream and I felt very low- spirited a few days but I wrote this song and I wrapped my sorrow in those tunes which made it much easier to deal with the dark thoughts.

Looking forward to // Still, meeting Patty! // Learning the finish language, although it's quite difficult

Series / Movies // Breathe in / What if <3

Pieces // I've got a bracelet from my parents as a souvenir from their vacation in Croatia! It's handmade of olive wood and I like it a lot!

You can find my video of my weekly favorites here!